Make Arrangements Online

Our caring staff strive to make this process as simple and convenient as possible- to allow family members more time to take care of personal matters, and spend quality time together.

Because of this, you are now able to make complete funeral arrangements from the comfort of your own home.

Completing arrangements online is a two step process. First you must fill out the necessary documents and authorizations. These can be found below in pdf link format.  These are used to complete the death certificate, and comply with state regulations. Once these have been completed, you will process your credit/debit card payment through our Cremation Payment (found below). 

*Please be advised that the cremation process takes a minimum of one week*

There are four documents that must be completed and signed. The first two documents are available for you to simply click each link below and type your responses into the allotted spaces. Email the completed forms back to:

1. Designation of Intentions Form (.pdf)

2. Decedent Information Form (.pdf)

you MUST print out the following two forms, sign them, and return them to ICS either by email or fax

3. Cremation Authorization  

4. Funeral Service Contract

Fax 607-273-0481

Once these are completed, click below to process your payment through the Cremation Payment

Cremation Payment

Finalize your services here, by processing your credit card payment