Death Certificates

As legal proof of death, companies and institutions dealing with survivor benefits will require a Certified Death Certificate.  You might need this in order to: settle the estate of the deceased,  close out any accounts of the deceased, transfer property, or obtain any benefits from insurance, wills, or military service.  ICS does NOT get copies of death certificates for families.  For a death within Tompkins County, a death certificate can be obtained through:

Tompkins County Health Department - Vital Records

55 Brown Road  Ithaca, NY 14850       


Vital Records Website

*Copies are $30 for the first, and $15 for the second, third, etc. (at each visit)*

Example: 5 certified copies = $90  [1 @ $30 + $60 (4 @ $15)]

Obtaining death certificates by mail: Complete this application and send it, with fee, to  Vital Records

Examples of those who may require certified copies of the death certificate:

                 Life Insurance Companies                                          Investment Holding Companies

                 The State Treasury Department                            Attorney

                 Banking Institutions                                                       Internal Revenue Service

                 Real Estate Transfer Agent                                       Vehicles Transfer Agent

                 Social Security Administration