Honoring Cremation

There are many ways you can celebrate the life of your loved one, and honor them through the cremation process. It is possible to have placed with your loved one: mementos, photos, or personal letters, prior to the cremation process. To keep the process intimate, you may purchase a full size urn from our website to display your loved one's cremains with dignity.  There are many  options and designs to choose from; and if we don't have exactly what you're looking for, just ask! There are urns to match anyone's lifestyle, creativity, or hobby.  They come in woods, metals, brass, plastic, or biodegradable materials.  This allows for your loved one to be laid to rest where they have chosen; whether it be at home with family, in a chosen cemetery, scattered in a favorite place, or buried at sea. We also have keepsakes, such as small replica urns, necklaces to keep your loved one close at all times, or unique statues or picture frames to hold a portion of cremains. We can scatter your loved one's cremains for you (at an additional cost), or you can purchase an earth-friendly scatter urn from our website, and scatter them yourself, at a special place (check local laws before scattering). If you need some guidance on this, our staff will be glad to assist you, or address any concerns you may have. You can find more information about the cremation process by viewing our tab entitled The Process of Cremation